Box of Sunshine

Our monthly subscription boxes give you quilting goodies every month, PLUS access to an exclusive video tutorial for a monthly mini-project. The ‘Little Box of Sunshine’ is designed to give you everything you need to build your thread stash and your machine quilting skills, as well as little extras to make you smile. Learn more here. 

Circles Round The Sun – The Happy Box  | 33.75 GBP / month
Bag of Moonshine – aim for the stars | 23.75 GBP / month
Sunshine AND Moonshine – The Super Happy Box | 43.75 GBP / month


Circles Round the Sun Monthly Quilting Subscription Box


Learn new free motion quilting designs. Comes with super cool fabric,  thread to match, and a box full of goodies! It’s a party bag for grown ups! £33.75 


– exclusive Circles Round the Sun video tutorial

– 2000 yd cone of thread + 2 bobbins to match

– PDF postcard file and 4 postcards

– long quarter of super cool theme fabric

– ribbons and hand embellishing goodies

– roll of doodle paper

– seasonal mystery gift 



Bag of Moonshine Quilting Subscription Box


Just the thread and tutorial. The Moonshine bag is designed to compliment the Sunshine Box, but it can stand alone! £23.75 


– exclusive Moonshine video tutorial

– 2000 yd cone of thread

– PDF postcard file


Sunshine and Moonshine!!

The Ultimate Package! Containing Sunshine and Moonshine, this Box is the best value for money! Our most popular box! £43.75


– Circles Round the Sun video tutorial
– Moonshine Video tutorial
– 2000yd Sunshine thread cone + 2 bobbins
– 2000yd Moonshine thread cone
– long quarter of super cool theme fabric
– 4 seasonal postcards & pdf file
– ribbons and hand embellishing goodies
– roll of doodling paper
– seasonal mystery gift

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I receive access to the exclusive video content?

A: You’ll be able to access all the exclusive content in the members area, once you’ve created and validated an account and purchased a subscription.

Q: Who are the boxes of sunshine designed for?

A: The boxes and the tutorial series that goes with it are made for beginner quilters who want to get to grips with the basics of free motion machine quilting as well as build their thread and fabric stash. It takes the stress away from learning, as we’ve done a lot of the work to figure out what the best threads are etc., so you get to tap into that knowledge and make a fun project while you do!

Q: What’s the best box for me?

A: If you prefer to use your own fabrics, go for the Bag of Moonshine – you’ll still get tutorial access and the thread every month, but you can dig into your own stash of fabric to do the project instead. If you want the fabric and a few surprise items each month, go for the Happy Box.  If you’re a ‘Go big or go home’ kind of gal, then you should definitely be getting the big Really Happy Box – this is our most popular box and the best value for the money.  The Really Happy Box includes everything in the other boxes plus the Bag of Moonshine, which is extra thread, extra video tutorial and even more surprise goodies. Cool right?

Q: Why are there two prices for each box price?

A: One price is a monthly price, and the other a one off price. One off boxes are more expensive, so you’d save money in the long run by subscribing!

Q: Can I cancel my subscription if I want to?

A: Yes – although we’d be sad to see you go! You have to pay for at least three months in order to qualify for the monthly subscription price, but if after 3 months you’re not satisfied, simply e-mail us to cancel your subscription.

Q: What’s in the monthly video tutorial?

A: The tutorials demonstrate how to complete the monthly postcard project, providing a framework for learning the basics about free motion machine quilting, from what to look for in threads, to how to make the most of your fabrics, to learning how to move with your line-design – all together, the tutorials will form a comprehensive education for the beginner quilter.

Q: Why are there postcards in the boxes? (I mean I love them but still?!)

A: Because each month you’ll be doing a mini-postcard project to practice new line designs. These post-cards will actually go through the post too, which is pretty awesome.

Q: Do I need to pay for delivery of the boxes?

A: Delivery is free 🙂 There is an additional charge for international delivery depending on the country.

Still got questions?

We’re happy to help! Give the team a call on 01526 553366, or drop us an e-mail at